AIESEC’s Impact on its own members


What we all come across from information sessions of AIESEC is that, it’s the largest international student-run organization that gives students opportunities to create an impact for people across the world by exploring their skills & develop these set of skills through internships and volunteer experiences abroad. But what we don’t know is how creating these opportunities for other students benefit the AIESEC members themselves. Of course, there are many soft skill that one can gain by helping others such as leadership development, time management and networking. But How is it different for AIESEC members? How much success have they achieved?

The challenges that we are faced with are all incredibly different, as well as the way we cope with them. However, in the end, the same satisfying feeling of accomplishment come across all of us.

We talked with a couple of our fellow members in AIESEC McGill They were all kind and friendly as always. Below are some of their comments on the success they’ve achieved here at AIESEC McGill!

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Meet Some of our Famous AIESEC Alumni!

“The United Nations has long recognised that th11231142_874784075892092_1690617626125658258_ne imagination, ideals and energies of young men and women are vital for the continuing development of the societies in which they live. and since its inception in 1948, AIESEC has contributed to this development by serving as an agent of positive change through education and cultural exchange. in an era of globalisation, your programmes have helped young people around the world to develop a broader understanding of cultural, socio-economic and business management issues.”

~ Kofi Annan, secretary-general of the United Nations (1997-2007)

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Quebec Regional Conference 2015 – Where all Quebec AIESECers meet..

This year at the Quebec Regional Conference (QRC), AIESECers from Sherbrooke, HEC, Concordia, Laval, UQAM and us, McGill University gathered to create the next big impact for AIESEC. The conference was held at Four Points by Sheraton in Quebec City in the month of September when a lot of new members were recruited. These youths came with passion and excitement in being a part of AIESEC but also intrigue and curiosity on how they can make an impact in AIESEC as a leader.


One of the craziest event during the conference was the fight for the spirit stick. The Spirit Stick represent your energy during the conference. Last year, Sherbrooke gave the spirit stick to Laval. This year the fight was extremely close between the universities. During the show offs, the atmosphere was electric and the air was thick with love, love for Laval University. Our University showed our love for Laval by kneeling and bowing down along with “The Lion King” theme song. The scene was priceless.

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5 Reasons to Hire International Students

The world is going global and there is a borderless pool of international talent. As the world’s largest non-profit student organization, AIESEC committees all over the world send thousands of students overseas on internships. These highly skilled, dedicated and hard-working leaders contribute their own unique talents, skills and prior training towards exceptional outcomes for the teams that they join overseas. Dipping into an overseas pool of applicants carries more benefits for your company or organization than ever before. Here are 5 reasons why!

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AIESEC McGill 2015: The Year So Far

At AIESEC McGill, we set out at the beginning of the year to facilitate the highest quality exchanges of young people from our campus based in downtown Montreal. So far we have created over 20 opportunities for young international talent to come and work in local Montreal businesses. From these opportunities and those created last year, 9 people have been welcomed into their workplaces and our local AIESEC community. These 9 arrivals are in addition to the already thriving community of interns living in the city who are currently on their placements or who have been hired at the end of their AIESEC internship. In working with companies in the IT and marketing sectors, we hope to bring innovation and a global mindset to the Montreal business community.


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Since 1956 AIESEC McGill has been endeavouring to encourage the global exchange of young talent. Whether it be sending McGill students for life changing experiences abroad or bringing in international talent to work at local Montreal businesses, at AIESEC McGill we intend for every exchange experience to help develop the leaders of tomorrow.

In 2014, AIESEC McGill was awarded the title of Local Chapter of the year in AIESEC Canada. In 2015, AIESEC McGill is continuing to grow and impact lives around the world.