FAQs within the Montreal Business Community

How can AIESEC McGill help bring international talent to my business?

AIESEC McGill brings hand selected talent, based on the needs of the companies, to work in Montreal. Our local chpater takes care of the screening and visa processes on behalf of the company. These processes are in addition to welcoming our interns into Montreal by helping with housing, banking and hosting events for them to integration into the Montreal and AIESEC communities. Throughout the length of the internship, we collaborate with the copmany and the interns to ensure everyone is having the best possible experience.

How long are the internships we deliver?

An internships delivered through AIESEC McGill, can last between 6 weeks and 18 months. Additionally, the majority of our interns stay in Montreal having proved themselves invaluable to the companies we have worked with.

What is the cost of this programme?

There is a one off cost of $2000 dollars per intern, to fund all the services we deliver to both the company and intern(s). A minimum wage of $2000 a month (based on a 40 hour a week schedule) is expected to be paid to the intern.

Why AIESEC McGill?

AIESEC McGill is proud to deliver internship experiences which encourage a global mindset in the Montreal business community. The talent we bring to Montreal are committed to developing themselves as leaders through their internships; therefore they become crucial employees of Montreal Businesses.


If you are interested in collaborating with AIESEC McGill please contact: corporaterelation.vp@aiesecmcgill.ca


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