3 Skills To Become a [Better] Leader

Street sign with an arrow and the word

1. Humility—Truly accept your mistakes. Speak up and share your experiences (good and bad) so that others can learn from them. None of us can build a business or achieve extraordinary goals by ourselves. We are all greater when we build on each other’s strengths and leverage the capabilities of an aligned team.

2. Self-awareness is essential—Having the ability to slow down, look in the mirror, and understand that my non-verbal cues communicate more than the actual words that come out of your mouth.

3. The concept of serving others is fundamental. Leaders must strive to do work that matters; work that makes the lives of those they serve, directly and indirectly, better. When we are able to derive joy from making those we serve a little happier, or healthier, or stronger in some way, we fulfill the true role of a leader.


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