“AIESEC gives you the environment and the support network to realize your full potential as an individual, a colleague, and a friend.”

— Aymeric Amigues, VP OGX

“To be an AIESECer is a state of mind; you will go the extra mile, try a little bid hard and love a lot more. “

—Rosalind Stockill, VP Corporate Relations

“Working in AIESEC, you’ll be able to learn to be more self-aware,  to communicate with people and the world around you better, to empower others, and to solve problems effectively and efficiently. You make tangible impacts on a daily basis; you face challenges and grow to a better person; you are part of this global network and community and you became a world citizen. AIESEC is a life changing experience. I’m proud to be an AIESECer.”

—Sherry Lin, Director of CR

“AIESEC is a student run non-profit organization that seeks to help students develop their communication and leadership skills through international exchanges. The opportunities offered by AIESEC internships motivate students to commit themselves to their own development and to the development of a company while living the adventure of spending time abroad.”

—William Grigat, Corporate Relations Manager 


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