A Conversation With Ariana Katsanis – AIESEC McGill LCP 2016

ariana photo Ariana Katsanis [right] and Diana Cheptene, former LCP [left]

How are you feeling now that you have been elected as the new LCP?

It hasn’t hit me yet, it doesn’t feel like much has changed. It might not sink in until the first EB meeting with a new group. But I’m very excited for the year ahead!

What are your main priorities for the chapter in the year to come?

I have many ideas and plans to put in place but mainly I want to focus on member experience, having a unified LC, sustainabiliy and positivity in the members. I want them to work with the mindset that anything is achievable.

What do you hope to learn from this role? How will it help you towards your own personal skill development?

To be honest, when I applied I didn’t do it for any personal benefit. I didn’t really have any expectations or goals in mind for skill development through this position but I’m sure I will have grown a lot by the end of my term.

Why did you apply for LCP?

I decided to apply because there were changes that I wanted to see in the committee that I thought would be beneficial. The only way I could guarantee these changes were made and not just promised then forgotten was to do it myself. This way I can make sure they actually get done.

How do you think LCP will differ from your current role as VP Finance? What challenges and positive differences do you anticipate?

I think it will be a lot less functional, less strategy and direct impact. That’s not to say that I won’t be directly working with members and the functions of AIESEC as LCP but with this position, you have to take everything into consideration. Everything is important since you dont have a specific function. You have to consider everyone, unlike when you are VP for one portfolio and you only need to focus on that.

How would you describe yourself in one sentence or a few words? What animal or fictional character would best exemplify this? And finally, how would you utilise these traits as LCP?

In three words, I would say: Weird, talkative and creative. I think I would be a parrot. As a bird, I would be more like the overseer of the LC and swoop down when I’m needed!

I extended this question to Celine Thomas (Director of Club Partnerships) for another perspective:

I would say you are ambitious, understanding and solution-driven. A lion! They are natural born leaders of the pack.

What has been your favourite AIESEC moment or experience so far?

I can’t even chose, everything is fun! I really like conferences. My favourite so far has been QRC (Quebec Regional Conference) 2015.

Is there a person that has contributed  a lot to your AIESEC experience? What would you say to that person?

Othman, my former VP who has pushed and inspireed me to get more involved and always srive for better.

Thank you for recruiting me and giving me the chance to shine!

What was your impression of AIESEC when you first joined compared to now? How has it shaped your career goals?

When I first joined, I just thought it would be fun. I only wanted something fun to do with my spare time, I didn’t have any drive for my CV at all. And it is exactly that, except it had a greater impact than I expected. It changed my life! It helped me to find myself and align with what I wanted to do, what would make me happiest. AIESEC has really helped me to grow and see the importance in others.

Originally, my goal was to be a part of the Big 4, I wanted to work for a major cooperation. But now, I would rather work for a small-medium enterprise.

Do you have a message for your future LC and what they can look forward to with you as the president?

Look forward adopting the mindset of limitless potential in opportunities! I want them to know that in AIESEC there is a lot of flexibility and truly, anything is possible if you really want it.


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