AIESEC’s Impact on its own members


What we all come across from information sessions of AIESEC is that, it’s the largest international student-run organization that gives students opportunities to create an impact for people across the world by exploring their skills & develop these set of skills through internships and volunteer experiences abroad. But what we don’t know is how creating these opportunities for other students benefit the AIESEC members themselves. Of course, there are many soft skill that one can gain by helping others such as leadership development, time management and networking. But How is it different for AIESEC members? How much success have they achieved?

The challenges that we are faced with are all incredibly different, as well as the way we cope with them. However, in the end, the same satisfying feeling of accomplishment come across all of us.

We talked with a couple of our fellow members in AIESEC McGill They were all kind and friendly as always. Below are some of their comments on the success they’ve achieved here at AIESEC McGill!

It was in AIESEC that I discovered for the first time my leadership style and it hasn’t changed since!

-Neil JANIN. Director McKinsey & Company

When I look back on myself to now I am a lot more confident, AIESEC helped me become better at my weakness and grow on my strengths to be who I am today. AIESEC helped me become more introspective and because of this I was able to spot my weakness and focus my time on improving them. As for strengthening traits I was already good at I was able to use AIESEC as a platform to become even better and get other feedback on how I could become even better. Without AIESEC I would not be who I am today.

-Ariana Katsanis VP

I learn how to live my life and I found my direction. AIESEC makes me a better version of myself. AIESEC provides me with training, knowledge, network and a bigger impact which guides me along my way. I went through many failure and challenges in AIESEC, but also many encouragement and support from friends, my team, my fellow VPs, NST and MC that I am able to improve on myself and try out things differently. I learn to see values of people and treasure people

-Kaitlyn Ka Hei Yan, VP ICX

When I look back at myself before joining AIESEC, I can see a clear change. I’ve always been carefree in terms of my future aspirations. I was more reserved and lacked of direction. A year after joining AIESEC, I am still not perfect but I am confident to say that I am very ambitious and eager to make a change. I have taken many challenging initiatives and have learned so much from each one of them. Most importantly, I have met so many wonderful persons through AIESEC and all of them shaped me into the person I am now. Hence, I believe that I can keep on improving myself with others throughout this journey.

-Ian Wk, Director of Sponsorship

A lot of who I am today, I owe to AIESEC. Not only has this organization taught me to set high goals, but it has also given me the ambition and skills to achieve them. Before AIESEC I had never dealt with real life crisis but the challenges I faced during my time here have changed my view of the world and it’s rewarding to know that I am contributing something valuable to society. I have been pushed far out of my comfort zone and I have no desire to return. AIESEC has given me purpose, self confidence and a network of lifelong friendships all over the world.

-Souha Khan, VP TM

AIESEC has made my life better thanks to the community I have come to belong to. To be surrounded by positive hardworking people on a daily basis has been a constant motivation for me to improve myself and the lives of those around me. AIESEC is not idealistic but real in every sense, from the lives we change in our local chapter or the lives we change abroad. I know I have grown so much, because 2 years ago the thought of dancing in a room of people would have made me so nervous, but now to lead a roll call from the front of a room and to encourage others to dance with me is what I thrive on. I didn’t think i could be leader, but now i am happy knowing I am one.

-Rosalind Stockill, VP CR

*Thank you everyone for your contributions in this post!*



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