Meet Some of our Famous AIESEC Alumni!

“The United Nations has long recognised that th11231142_874784075892092_1690617626125658258_ne imagination, ideals and energies of young men and women are vital for the continuing development of the societies in which they live. and since its inception in 1948, AIESEC has contributed to this development by serving as an agent of positive change through education and cultural exchange. in an era of globalisation, your programmes have helped young people around the world to develop a broader understanding of cultural, socio-economic and business management issues.”

~ Kofi Annan, secretary-general of the United Nations (1997-2007)

11116565_876021349101698_3048110111032315813_o“Everyone was tired with the old style politicians and their flowery rhetoric. I just told them there are tough times ahead, but that they would be less tough with me in charge.”

~ Aníbal Cavaco Silva, President of Portugal

11428543_876021359101697_8540222871044325042_nHow could I forget AIESEC? It was thanks to an AIESEC traineeship that I got to the European Commission.

~ Prof. Mario Monti, Former Prime Minister of Italy

“AIESEC opens the world up to you11351297_876021365768363_2351562840453467591_nng people, and it opened it up for me. Through their programs, work opportunitie
s, conferences and outreach they surmount cultural barriers and foster a deeper and more meaningful sense of global possibility.”

~ John Kerry, Current Secretary of State of USA

11334275_876021352435031_6534833594731653850_o“We must have ethically active global leaders, people who accept social and
economic responsability, because the world needs it.”

~ Micheline Calmy-Rey, Federal Councilor of Switzerland

11096493_872305906139909_4049801379726296637_o“I applaud the members of AIESEC for your dedication to promoting international understanding and coope ration and for exploring common goals for the future.”

~ Bill Clinton, President of USA (1993-2001)


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