Quebec Regional Conference 2015 – Where all Quebec AIESECers meet..

This year at the Quebec Regional Conference (QRC), AIESECers from Sherbrooke, HEC, Concordia, Laval, UQAM and us, McGill University gathered to create the next big impact for AIESEC. The conference was held at Four Points by Sheraton in Quebec City in the month of September when a lot of new members were recruited. These youths came with passion and excitement in being a part of AIESEC but also intrigue and curiosity on how they can make an impact in AIESEC as a leader.


One of the craziest event during the conference was the fight for the spirit stick. The Spirit Stick represent your energy during the conference. Last year, Sherbrooke gave the spirit stick to Laval. This year the fight was extremely close between the universities. During the show offs, the atmosphere was electric and the air was thick with love, love for Laval University. Our University showed our love for Laval by kneeling and bowing down along with “The Lion King” theme song. The scene was priceless.

All AIESECers participated in functional training that includes: Communication, Sales, Team work, Problem solving and Public Speaking. We became more self-aware and develop their internal cohesion while being inspired by the experience of each other. Personally, here are some things I learned about communication. Be an active listener during conversations. Have a good posture and body language when talking with someone. Be empathetic and not aggressive about the points that you want to convey.


During the closing plenary of the conference, everyone was given a moment to reflect their learnings and experience from the conference. Everyone was taught to have a growth mindset because every failure is a step closer to success. You can’t become leader if you don’t even take the first step to begin that journey. Speeches were given and people grew out of their comfort zones and were driven to talk about their goals they achieved at the conference.

QRC3One of my favorite speech during the conference was given by Adheip Pai an AIESECer from McGill University. It is called the toilet paper and leaders’ analogy. It was hilariously moving. You can it here!

Before the end of this year AIESECers plan to drive innovation in unification by creating a website where all AIESECers and interns can gather and share their life changing stories as leaders. Diversity will also be embraced and made more visible within the bilingual province of Quebec to create more internship opportunities for youth leadership development in francophone all over the world.

The first University in Canada to have created 100+ impacts or leadership opportunities is the unforgettable legacy that AIESEC McGill will leave behind.


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