Interview with an AIESECer – Grzegorz Matyszczak

grzegorz-matyszczakWho is he?

  • 25 years old
  • Born in Jelenia Gora, Poland; lived there until 19
  • Graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology
  • Computer Science, BS 2013, Master on Internet and Mobile Technologies 2014

How did his journey with AIESEC begin?

A year before he graduated, he heard about an event that was organized at his university by AIESEC and discovered about what AIESEC is and how they help students make a change in the world as leaders by sending them on professional internships abroad. Much surprise for him, his friends also went on volunteering internships with AIESEC. They told him about their AIESEC experiences across the world and how they’ve become more self-aware, solution oriented and overall a better leader. He was very impressed. One of his friend went to Indonesia for 6 weeks to teach English and she really enjoyed the experience because it was fun and exciting!

Why did he choose to come to Canada?

There were various places where he applied to and he really wanted to get out of Europe to travel and explore other parts of the world. Canada was the first to respond with warmth and acceptance. AIESEC McGill saw his determination and showed him all the awesome opportunities in Montreal and that’s when got into SUMMIT. The Visa process took a really long time but AIESEC McGill stayed by his side and helped him every step along the way. Even on March 16, 2015, at Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport where AIESEC members from McGill went to pick him up and celebrate his arrival!

“AIESEC people were super nice to me. They bought me my bus ticket, they arranged me a place to stay. They helped me a lot during my internship process. They knew how to pronounce my name, what a nice surprise!”

What are his first impressions?

Super curious of the new environment because it was his first time outside of Europe. He didn’t know anyone in Canada. AIESEC McGill took the time to guide 3him from the airport to a temporary place to stay and helped him find his apartment.
It was fun and convenient for him because he has a roommate and it only takes 20 min to get from his apartment to work. During the first few days, AIESEC planed a lot of gathering events and he participated in many of those. He really enjoyed talking diverse culture of people.

“Montreal is very multicultural and I love how people are so open minded here. Now I have connections with people from different cultural background all over the world”

What is work like for him?

He works at SUMMIT, an IT Company in Montreal. Most people are French Canadians. The people there are super nice, there wasn’t any trouble in terms of communication because everyone spoke with him in English. He works Monday through Friday from 10am until 6pm. For his part of the work, he needs to create applications for mobile operators in other countries as well as calling and messaging applications. He gained a lot of professional experience in terms of coding and working with people from other countries with different cultural background. The company also has bonding events, he mentioned.


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