5 Reasons to Hire International Students

The world is going global and there is a borderless pool of international talent. As the world’s largest non-profit student organization, AIESEC committees all over the world send thousands of students overseas on internships. These highly skilled, dedicated and hard-working leaders contribute their own unique talents, skills and prior training towards exceptional outcomes for the teams that they join overseas. Dipping into an overseas pool of applicants carries more benefits for your company or organization than ever before. Here are 5 reasons why!


Hiring from an international pool brings in people from all kinds of professional as well as personal backgrounds, experiences and cultural differences. This diversity positively affects the workplace environment by creating multiculturalism that fosters a sense of inclusion and acceptance within the workplace for cooperative employees all working towards a common goal. A positive environment is a productive one where all employees can enjoy a sense of belonging which not only increases synergy but loyalty as well. This is in fact, one of AIESEC’s six values which we call “Living Diversity”.

We seek to learn from the different ways of life and opinions represented in our multicultural environment. We respect and actively encourage the contribution of every individual.

2-Fresh Ideas

Diverse minds and new attitudes coming together to collaborate brings forward even more ideas to inspire and create solutions. A variety of perspectives within one team increases creativity, and drives innovation. A global workplace can more readily think outside of the box by learning from each other’s widespread opinions and thus broadening all their perspectives. Differences in cultural backgrounds contributes to the variety and number of advantageous insightful alternatives that there will be.

3-Competitive Edge

A diverse group of workers with fresh and varying sets of ideas would set any company aside as a force to be reckoned with! When new attitudes are brought to the table it fosters a team with open minds ready to tackle any challenges. A workplace with international employees automatically takes each of them out of their comfort zones, where all great ideas are made. This contributes to employee development and consequently the growth of the entire company.

4-New Markets

With employees from so many different backgrounds, there is no problem capturing the participation of a variety of people. The possibility of many different language skills within a workplace with international employees allows the opportunity to attract and reach out to customers with a variety of language requirements.

5-Global Connections

Diversity, new ideas and the competitive edge it gives in order to go forward into new markets all contribute to a growing global network and new connections. The team would be able to effectively capture the needs of many different groups of customers from all kinds of backgrounds. This makes any company or organization a leader within the global community, and contributes to an increasingly diverse customer base.

Using organizations like AIESEC allows you access to this international pool of talent. Every year, companies are provided with thousands of smart leaders for many companies and organizations. Please visit www.aiesec.org for more information about how to access this international group of leaders.


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